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  • 7+ years of expertise
  • Hundred of business customers in Kosova.
  • 100% kosovar owned & operated.
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About Us, Hostinkos's official URL shortcut just for Hostinkos services. stands for Hostinkos L.L.C., a Prishtina-based company in Kosova. We use the abbreviation HLLC and the domain "" to represent Hostinkos. Specializing in web design, web hosting, and servers, we provide top-notch services to help businesses thrive online.

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Based in Prishtina, Kosovo, HLLC (Hostinkos L.L.C.) is your trusted partner for all things web design, web hosting, and server solutions. Our domain extension .io ( symbolizes our commitment to serving as a tech-savvy company. With a focus on excellence and innovation, our expert team delivers tailored services that empower businesses to succeed online. Whether you're launching a new website, need reliable hosting solutions, or require robust server infrastructure, HLLC provides the expertise and support you need. Discover why businesses in Kosovo and beyond choose HLLC for their digital needs.

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Who is Hostinkos a perfect fit for?
Founders and entrepreneurs
Marketing agencies
NGOs & Media directors
Students and Teachers
Women entrepreneurs
Government Institutions
Local Businesses & Startups
Freelancers & Product owners

How do I start

To create a website u need to follow three basic following steps:

1. Register your domain name

Find a simple and memorable domain name for your new website · Domains

2. Choose a hosting plan

Hosts, like Hostinkos, store your website on their web servers · Hosting

3. Launch your site online

If you don’t have a site, don’t worry, we will create a website for you · Website