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Hostinkos is created to provide an honest and reliable alternative, where customers can count to be there for the long haul.

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Over 7 years web hosting experience!

The web hosting company Hostinkos is an established, privately owned company registered in Pristina-Kosovo, under business number 811386053. Hostinkos was founded in 2014 as a modest startup business to serve a few clients. Hostinkos is chosen as the new name for our hosting company in August 2018. It's a strange name, we're the first to admit it. Hostinkos has no specific meaning - but to us, it means always being original - to constantly iterate and improve what we do and never be afraid to forge new paths.

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A very popular choice for a lot of European based businesses!

Hostinkos helps businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes build, host, and manage their websites. Hostinkos offers unique low-cost websites, lightning fast web hosting environment and domain name registrations. We support social progress including rights for everyone, regardless of sex, race, and religion.


An honest and reliable alternative to the large hosting corporations!

Hostinkos is created to provide an honest and reliable alternative to the large faceless hosting corporations. When we founded this company over 7 years ago, we wanted to build a hosting experience that at it's very core strives to be different, to do things better than the thousands of other hosts on the market. We are not a faceless giant web-host (not to name names…) that will treat you like a number or a dollar and always avoid your emails. Hostinkos has been rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 20+ reviews. We are proud to be independently owned and based in Pristina.


The latest generation servers located in a modern data center!

Hostinkos offer the highest quality, modern and safe servers as well as the best network infrastructure. All of Hostinkos servers are connected to at least one 100 megabit port - often even with a 1 gigabit port. All servers and webspace packages at Hostinkos are equipped with a free of charge DDoS protection. We include cPanel and enterprise grade high performance SSD storage FREE for all of our Hosting Plans. Our hosting policy is based on guaranteed performance, while other companies may try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers. We are not perfect, but perfection is our goal.

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No hidden costs or sudden price hikes!

At Hostinkos you can buy and renew at the same cost from the moment you sign up. Other hosts offer low intial rates only to double the price when you renew. We promise never to raise your renewal rates for as long as you are hosting with us. Our advertised price is for monthly service and you are not required to pay ahead of time. Of course, there are no contracts and all services may be cancelled at any time. We want to be with you, but with no obligations. We agrees to provide a refund of payment according to our Terms of Service. When you choose Hostinkos, you'll get reliable hosting you can trust.

Client Area with full control

The Hostinkos Client Area makes it simple to manage your hosting services, domain names and any product you have bought from us. You can update your contact info, billing details, add or remove services, submit support tickets and tons more. We notify you in advance by email of all upcoming renewals for your account. Your data uploaded including personal information are in a safe place. We only use your personal information according to our Privacy Policy.

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A fully secure payment platform

Hostinkos offers a fully secure payment platform when ordering. We offer flexible payment options to help facilitate shopping experience, and process payment card automatically through 2Checkout Gateway. Our website and our payment platform is secured with SSL, a widely used security system.

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Brilliant talented staff at your disposal!

Our doors never close! The entire Hostinkos team are truly committed to ensuring that each and every customer is given expedited service 24/7. Our support average response time is under 20 minutes. We know that not everyone is a designer or coder so we won’t bamboozle you with tech-jargon. Where others see problems, we see opportunities.

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Located in Europe and USA

Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Our hosting services are hosted on the latest generation servers, located in a modern data center. Our global core data centre is built on a world-class infrastructure backed by SLAs, and monitored 24/7. You can choose between France, Germany or USA.

Our website migration service is totally free.

Hostinkos is committed to making your website transfer from ANY provider absolutely hassle-free! We offer a web site moving service (migration of all website files, databases, and email accounts) for all customers who have an existing web site with another hosting provider at no charge. Our Website Migration service is private and confidential.

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