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Hostinkos is created to provide an honest and reliable alternative, where customers can count to be there for the long haul.

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7+ years web hosting experience

Hostinkos is an established, privately owned company registered in Pristina-Kosovo, under business number 811386053. Hostinkos was founded in 2014 as a modest startup business to serve a few clients. "Hostinkos" is chosen as the new name in August 2018.

An honest and reliable alternative to the large hosting corporations

Hostinkos is created to provide an honest and reliable alternative to the large faceless hosting corporations. We are not a faceless giant web-host (not to name names…) that will treat clients like a number or a dollar and always avoid their emails.

For us, providing a great service means making sure that our team is fully trained in all aspects of hosting and that they continue to keep pace with developments as technology progresses. Our work with cPanel and WHM is just one of many areas in which we take qualifications.

A very popular choice for a lot of European based businesses

Hostinkos helps businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes build, host, and manage their websites. We support social progress including rights for everyone, regardless of sex, race, and religion.

Hostinkos offers unique low-cost websites, lightning fast web hosting environment and instant domain registrations. Hostinkos offer the highest quality, modern and safe servers as well as the best network infrastructure.

We are privileged to be working with some of the most well known companies and organisations: Post of Kosovo, Northern Ireland Co–operation, A Life, Fokusi Newspapper, etc.

Why Hostinkos

We’re confident that our plans provide secure, reliable and high-performance hosting for your website while giving you a simple and effective way to manage your hosting all at a very affordable price.

15 reasons to choose Hostinkos

Experience a new-level of hosting services - host your website under powerful Intel Xeon server, connected to 1 Gbps network speed with DDOS protection.

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