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In short, Hostinkos is a solid web design and hosting platform that is economic, fully secure, and absolutely reliable.

  • 7+ years of expertise
  • Hundred of business customers in Kosova.
  • 100% kosovar owned & operated.
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Founded in 2016 and still going strong in

Hostinkos is an established, privately owned company registered in Pristina - Kosovo, under business number 811386053. "Hostinkos" is chosen as the new name in August 2018.

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A partner you can count on.

Hostinkos helps businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes build and host their websites. In fact, when people ask us what we do, what we are most likely to say is: "We provide domain registration services", " we help people get online" and "we offer services for developing a website". Our clients often say that one of the best things about us is that we're locally based and easy to contact.

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- How It All Started -

We started Hostinkos as a modest start-up business, to serve a few customers, with the intent of providing an honest and reliable alternative to the large hosting corporations. Hostinkos initially thrived on providing basic website and email hosting for local businesses, women entrepreneurs, marketing agencies and start-ups. Most of the customers we initially had on board were unsatisfied from other hosting providers, and us as new entrants into the hosting arena, worked closely with them to ensure that our company perfectly met their needs.

Bit by bit, Hostinkos developed a positive reputation within the community. Since then, we have grown considerably from a small reseller that was barely known, to one of the most well-known hosting providers in the region. During our first few years, we focused primarily on delivering high quality shared hosting and web design services for individuals and small businesses. Since then, Hostinkos is a company that aims to be the “perfect fit” for small businesses.

- Who We Are -

Hostinkos is Kosova-based hosting company, registered in Pristina, under business number 811386053. With an average score of 5.0, Hostinkos stands on top of host companies in the industry. That sets an example on how to run such a business. From the very beginning, Hostinkos's CEO, has instilled the highest levels of ethics throughout the DNA of the company. Over the years Hostinkos has been involved with many good causes and given resource to helping great initiatives. We pay our taxes as a company and we don't evade or avoid loads, not even through special constructions. Hostinkos recognized as Best Quick Web Hosting Company by New World Report (sister publication Innovation In Business). Check out our Awards and Reviews.

- What We Offer -

Shared Hosting is still the most popular service for us, as it is sufficient for most customers. Truth is, there are websites that launch every day and their needs are far from the capacities of a Virtual Private Server for instance. Apart from standard web hosting, we also offer services such as domain name registrations and virtual private servers located in a very secure data center in Kosovo. With an extensive skill set, we are very involved with web design and maintenance. We are committed to developing client’s projects on various technologies that can cover the entire process of change from website designing to SEO optimization, and maintenance. One thing we should mention is that our Trustpilot reviews show super-satisfied customers.

- Where We Are Presently -

We have a growing global presence. We have non-Albanian-Kosovar customers too! Although we initially started off as a company with a presence in Kosova and Albania, we are now proud to say that our customers are all over the world.

- Who Do We Serve? -

Honestly, we don’t have a big customer base, but we would say we offer excellent benefits for small businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Most of our customers are NGOs & media directors, founders and entrepreneurs, product owners, and marketing agencies.

- What we believe -

We believe in transparency. Especially in a field like technology, where many customers aren't completely sure about what they are trying to buy, we believe it is imperative to advise people based on their true needs, not on the desire to make a sale. We believe that customers should know exactly what they are paying for their product, and we won't purposely make the buying process confusing for our customers.

- Our Plans for The Future -

Adjusting to the customer needs and market trends, Hostinkos will continue to grow and offer a broad hosting product line at an affordable price. Managed hosting, services for developing a website and SEO optimization are probably the three core things we will continue to focus on going forward. Our goal is to provide outstanding service to a select group of clientele who appreciate a full-service professional hosting experience. We are decisive in letting go of customers that are not compatible with our company policies.

- Why We're a Great Fit -

Hostinkos is the ideal option for startups, marketing agencies, companies, and organizations who need the fastest hosting service for their websites. There are many reasons why Hostinkos is superior to other web host providers. We would to tell you a few reasons why we hope you consider choosing us as your next and last hosting provider. Start and grow your online business today with an award winning company.

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Award-Winning CompanyNew World Report Award

Selected by New World Report (sister publication Innovation In Business) for inclusion in the 2022 Software and Technology Awards, Hostinkos was awarded: Best Quick Web Hosting Company - Kosovo.

Our Awards and Accolades

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A very popular choice for a lot of European based businesses.

Hostinkos has gained the favor of businesses and organizations worldwide, providing personalized support, advice, and an effective software portfolio to manage their web presence. This places Hostinkos in a prime position to differentiate itself from others.

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Who is Hostinkos a perfect fit for?
Founders and entrepreneurs
Marketing agencies
NGOs & Media directors
Students and Teachers
Women entrepreneurs
Government Institutions
Local Businesses & Startups
Freelancers & Product owners
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New World Report Awards

Hostinkos has been named the award winner of the "Best Quick Web Hosting Company - Kosovo", by New World Report (sister publication Innovation In Business) as part of their annual 2022 Software and Technology Awards.

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To create a website u need to follow three basic following steps:

1. Register your domain name

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2. Choose a hosting plan

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3. Launch your site online

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