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Hostinkos is an established, privately owned company registered in Pristina-Kosovo, under business number 811386053.

Whatsapp on +383 44 114 409.
About Us

7+ years web hosting experience

Hostinkos was founded in 2014, as a modest startup business to serve a few clients, with a desire to provide an honest and reliable alternative to the large faceless hosting corporations, and that's our promise.

Hostinkos mission and values

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Kosovo’s leading online service provider

Hostinkos helps businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes build, host, and manage their websites. In fact, when people ask us at Hostinkos what we do, you're more likely to get a confused "huh?" than anything else. "We provide instant domain registration services", " we help people get online" or "we offer services for developing a website" is what we are most likely to say.

A very popular choice for a lot of European based businesses

Hostinkos has gained the favor of businesses and organizations worldwide, providing personalized support, advice, and an effective software portfolio to manage their web presence. This places Hostinkos in a prime position to differentiate itself by offering a personal, hands-on approach to support.

About Us

Very proud of our community involvement

From the very beginning, Hostinkos's CEO, has instilled the highest levels of ethics throughout the DNA of the company. Over the years Hostinkos has been involved with many good causes and given resource to helping great initiatives.

Hostinkos is proud to offer hosting service to charities, non-profit organisations, voluntary organisations, and community groups at a significantly reduced price. Supporting education is one of the ways we contribute to the public good.

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