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We create unique, modern
and professional websites.

From the web design to implementation, launch and SEO optimisation, we have all the skills to create a successful website.

  • 100+ successful projects.
  • 100% clarity & value to each project.
  • 100% on time delivery.
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Looking for a developer in Prishtina to build your website? With our full-time Prishtina staff and over 7+ years of experience in Web Design & Development, we can help you design, build and maintain your website.

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— Make promises but don't deliver?
— Don't pick up the phone during emergencies?
— Find excuses instead of solutions?
— Don't have the technical capabilities you need?
— Fail to meet your quality expectations?
— Build your site and quickly moved on?

We know how frustrating it is not having a trustworthy and reliable website designer who’s on your side. Experience the following benefits with Hostinkos Website Design Company.

Brick by brick. Pixel by pixel.

That’s how a great website is built.

Best website design is not just about looking great. Our web designers work hard to create a quality website that works effectively for your business.

How about if you can have it all:

— Design that emphasizes the quality of your offer.
— Technology that is superior to the competition.
— A presentation that simply convinces people.
— A website that ranks well on Google.
— Hosting that powers your purpose.
— A partner you can count on.

Yes, that’s possible with Hostinkos. Unlike other companies, we invest in your website as if it was our own.

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No stories. Just results

Trusted By Kosovo's Leading Brands.

We have designed for some of Kosovo’s leading brands such as Ballkan Petrol, Kohaterm, and Post Of Kosova. Here are just a few examples of customer websites we’ve designed.

Simple, transparent pricing

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With our comprehensive package, you will receive a complete website design at a fixed cost that covers the entire project.

Money Back Guarantee
Clear on what we offer
No hidden costs or fees
3 month payment available

A generic package

What you will get free with your website.

Our websites are delivered and packaged with all the features you need that you will not get anywhere else. Below is a list of 'must haves' for anyone looking to create a professional website for their business.

Initial concepts within 48 hours
Clean, professional & modern design
Standard website with decent load time
Homepage + standard pages designed
Advanced features such as video headers, image sliders, and galleries
Responsive design for desktop, laptop, and mobile
Basic SEO set up
Content management system CMS
Blog functionality for simple updates and company news + 3 blog posts
Contact Us form
Website visitor reports
Social media links + social media sharing
Design revision
Brand identity and colours throughout design
Training session upon handover 2*60 mins
Improved security & performance
Free web hosting & email addresses that matches your domain 12 months
Register & Setup domain
Submission to Google
Extra pages can be added after launch
Website backup upon completion
Bug-fix warranty 12 months
Testing the website to make sure all pages are working correctly.
Priority Help & Support 24/7
Delivered in 1 to 4 weeks
Complete Deployment
Money-back guarantee 100%

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Advice and answers from the Hostinkos Team by phone, live chat or social media. The entire Team are truly committed to ensuring that each and every customer is given expedited service 24/7.

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Our average response time is under 20 minutes! Even during weekends, holidays and after business hours.

We know that no two businesses are the same and no two company journeys are alike, so let's talk about your specific needs and figure out the right solutions. We believe that a website should showcase what makes you, uniquely you.

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Or call and get a personalized quote. +383 44 114 409.

What happens next?

Here's what we'll discuss in the meeting.

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Your Business Goals

We'll start by discussing your business goals to understand what you aim to achieve. It could be a phone call, however, if you are in Prishtina, there's nothing nicer than meeting face to face, coffee’s on us.

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Our Service Offerings

Secondly, based on our discussion, we will talk about the range of services we offer and our process. We will provide you with an initial estimate where we address ideas, costs, and timeline.

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Packages and Pricing

Lastly, we will go over our flexible pricing to find a package that fits your budget. Then we'll propose a draft-design for your project according to your requirements and needs.

Website design & management

More reasons to choose Hostinkos.

Our Prishtina based team design and develop websites to be unique, speedy, full-featured, highly secured, easy to maintain and Google friendly. Google is our bestest friend and is probably how you found us.

  • We keep things nice and simple

    We're creative! Our high quality designs deliver cut-through impact that will make your business stand out. Every website we design both looks awesome and has strategically planned functionality.

  • We are open, experienced & most importantly, Human…

    We’re proud of our team! Talented, experienced and friendly, we bring a level of service and expertise to the table that is truly next-level!

  • Your business data is safe with us

    We're 100% committed to keeping your data safe from potential security threats. We provide the highest level of data security for your business - and this is what makes us different from others.

  • We deliver on time and on budget, no excuses

    We have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot reviews, provide a work warranty, and guarantee deadlines. We don’t mess around – most websites are designed within 14-21 days (sooner if need be).

  • We’ll never hold you hostage to a contract.

    You will hold 100% ownership of the website after it is completed and paid for. The site belongs to you and you have full administrative access to make changes. You are not locked in to working with us and you can easily find a replacement.

  • Our doors never close

    Bugs don't stick to a 9-5 schedule. If you need our help, we're here for you, 24/7. We promise the fastest assistance and immediate answers.

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  • Email forwarding
  • DNS management
  • Privacy protection
  • DNSSEC security
  • Control panel

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Website Design Hero

We’re a Local

Web Design Company.

Hostinkos is one of the best web design and development companies in Kosova. We specialise in website development & hosting in Prishtina. We've been lucky enough to work with clients from all over Kosova - from Prishtina, Fushë Kosova, and Mitrovica to Gjilan, Ferizaj, Prizren, Peje, Gjakova... and all over the world. Make the right decision!

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Check out some of our Commonly Asked Questions - FAQ.

One of the most common questions we get asked. The cost of website depends on your specific feature needs. It depends on what you need and your budget. As websites vary greatly in requirements, revisions, customisation and the size of the project, these factors all have an impact on the cost.

When you are thinking about what to invest in your website, consider these statistics which demonstrate the critical importance of usability for any website’s long-term success:

— 94% of people cite ‘design’ as the reason why they do not trust a website.
— 93% of people have left a website because it didn’t display properly on their device.
— 90% of people have left a website because it was badly designed.
— 93% of people have left because a website didn’t load quickly enough.
*Stats from Hubspot

Therefore, it’s definitely worth putting your best foot forward and investing in a high performing website.

We try and cater to businesses of all sizes and we do our best to work with your budgets too. We invite you to contact us here at Hostinkos Web Design for a personalised quote taking into account of all your specific needs. We don’t build one-size-fits-all websites here; we thrive on customisation and individuality. Our dedication to our customers and our prices are second to none!
Some aspects of SEO can be technically challenging while others are time-consuming. If you are looking for something that’s quite simple to do but which can have a significant impact on how well your site ranks, then it is probably signing up with Google My Business. Google My Business is, essentially, a free business listing with Google. The information you provide to Google when you register will help your site perform better in relevant searches and enable users to find out more about the products and services you offer. It also helps people local to your business find you, even if you only trade online.
Link strategies have predominantly focused on trying to get other websites to link to yours. For a start, outbound links can let search engines better understand the topics of your website, helping them know its relevance for particular searches. While you may have concerns that they give users a backdoor to leave your website, they actually make your content more user-friendly, adding depth to the subject matter you are writing about. This is something valued by both the user and the search engine. What’s more, by demonstrating knowledge and pointing to evidence that supports your content, outbound links can also improve customer trust in your expertise.
There are two kinds of sitemap. HTML sitemaps you create yourself for the benefit of your customers. They are web pages designed for navigation purposes and contain a list of links to your posts and pages.
The others are XML sitemaps which are often generated automatically by your website software or by the use of a plugin. These contain a list of links to your entire website: categories, posts, pages, products, images and other media. Their purpose is to help search engines discover everything on your site so that it can be indexed. Unless it is indexed by the search engine, it won’t turn up in search results and so cannot be found by users.
Many small businesses rarely need to update the information on their website because the services they offer don’t change. In contrast, search engines prefer to offer their users information that is fresh as they consider it to be more relevant. You wouldn’t be happy doing a ‘what’s on in my area?’ search if you were supplied with details of events which had already happened. For this reason, search engines take the dates that pages were published and updated into account when ranking them. If you have old content, you should update it occasionally, even if it’s only minimal or cosmetic. Even better, create a blog for your website so that new and genuinely fresh content is regularly being added.
Keywords still remain an important element of SEO though search engine algorithms have become so sophisticated they can accurately understand the topic and relevancy of your content without having to rely solely on them. The keywords you do use should include the names of any products you sell, the services you offer and if you are a local business, the locations in which you operate.
Ideally, each page should have a different keyword focus and the keywords should be used in the page title, headings and subheadings, main text, image alt-text and meta descriptions. However, do not saturate your content with the same keywords as this can have a negative impact on SEO. Overall, look to have a maximum keyword density of around 1% to 2%.
Backlinks from high ranking, reputable websites can have a massive impact on your SEO as they are seen as improving your website’s domain authority. If you write an article on something and a university or the BBC links to it, it is a sign that what you have written is of high quality and this makes it appealing to search engines. Similarly, if one of your products is so good that it gets linked to by a major newspaper, the same can happen. The only way to get these types of backlinks is to earn them – either through the quality of your content or the work of your business.
When you have an SSL certificate, search engines label your site as secure on web browsers. This form of commendation is useful as it increases the likelihood that customers will buy from you.
From an SEO perspective, SSL certificates can be very beneficial. Search engines want to protect their users and would much rather provide them with a list of secure websites than those considered not secure. A site with an SSL certificate, therefore, is far more likely to rank better than a site without one.
No Overloaded Servers! Server Uptime

The shared web hosting service of Hostinkos is powered by our top-of-the-line servers. Each server is only limited to a certain number of customers. Unlike other web hosting companies may try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers, we do not overload our servers AND WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY.

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Remember: We guarantee that our servers will have at least 99.9% uptime each month.

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