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Mission, vision and value of Hostinkos affects the whole process of cooperation and development of our company.

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The mission of our company is to deliver effective web products that give our customers a competitive advantage through design and functionality.

Hostinkos company values

Hostinkos is a reliable partner who strives to take care of the comfort of both customers and our employees.

Top values of Hostinkos:

  • Long-term relationships - Hostinkos wants to build long-term relationships with our customers, therefore we strive to fulfill the work entrusted to us as best as possible.
  • We stand by our words - We always fulfill what we promised to the client. We are not afraid to take responsibility and do what is necessary.
  • Getting better every day - Our staff is a team that improves daily. As Ken Blanchard said, "None of us is as smart as all of us."
  • Solve the problem quickly - We do not put off to tomorrow what we can do today. Hostinkos does not like to drag out problems to the point where you say "it should have been done yesterday."
  • Administrating services in an ethical manner - We are committed to maintaining your confidence and implementing appropriate procedures to secure the data we collect.
  • We do our bit to help support others - Over the years Hostinkos has been involved with many good causes to helping great initiatives. We offer half price hosting service to charities. Supporting education is one of the ways we contribute to the public good.

Our aim is to make everything we do powerful, yet simple

Our goal is to provide outstanding service to a select group of clientele who need and appreciate a full-service professional hosting experience. We don’t compete in the “super-low-cost” hosting market. Our whole business model is focused on providing fully managed hosting solutions, great customer service, world-class hosting facilities, and making sure your site is a success.

We cannot promise we will always be perfect. What we can promise is that if something goes wrong we will rise to the occasion, take action, resolve the issue and accept responsibility.

We are open to new ideas and new partnerships, just Contact Us.

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