What is cPanel and
why is it important?

cPanel is the leading control panel that makes it easy to manage all aspects of your web hosting, packed with amazing features.

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About Us

cPanel is our
standard control panel.

Each of our webspace packages comes preinstalled with cPanel so that you have total control over your website, web hosting, and domains. cPanel's comprehensive features include...

Upload, publish websites and organize web files
Launch new email accounts and enjoy various levels of spam protection
Design custom databases using MySQL Wizard, phpMyAdmin and various other tools
1-click-install applications (WordPress, Magento, Joomla...)
Securely backup and transfer all web files
Create aliases, add or remove subdomains, manage DNS zones
Generate visitors statistics

...and much more!

Why not take it for a test drive for yourself at the official cPanel demo website, we know you'll love it!

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