Signs that it’s Time
to change your Web Host.

In this article, we’ll look at six signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade to a more powerful plan or move to a better Web Host.

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Web hosting is integral to the success of your website and something you should never be complacent about. A poor web hosting provider or a wrongly chosen hosting plan can impact the performance of your site and the customer experience of your visitors. What’s more, they can result in lower search engine rankings and make it more difficult to manage your website.

1. Your website keeps going offline

In a 24/7 marketplace, you need your website to be constantly online and available for your visitors. If it isn’t and your site goes down, even for short periods, visitors will become frustrated, damaging your reputation. What’s more, when search engines see your site’s availability decline, they’ll downrank it in their search results. If this is happening to your website, it’s a clear signal that you can no longer rely on your hosting solution to keep your site online.

2. Your website is slow

Visitors and search engines expect websites to load quickly and respond swiftly to interactions, like clicks and data inputs. When they don’t, customers abandon the site and search engines downrank it. Ensuring the site performs well, therefore, is critical to its success.

WordPress does have some speed issues, often caused by the number of plugins working in the background and the size of the images used in a site’s content. While there are well-known actions you can take to speed up a site, such as caching, compression, image optimisation and content delivery networks, these only go so far.

By far the most important factor in driving the speed of a website is the performance of the server on which it is hosted. If you find your site sluggish, even when you have optimised its performance, it’s another sign you need to upgrade to a more powerful solution.

The web hosting at Hostinkos is built from the bottom up to provide enhanced WordPress performance. We use the latest Xeon processors and super-fast SSD hard drives in our servers and then configure them to provide optimal performance for WordPress using Apache + NGINX, PHP7.x + OPcache and HTTP/2. We even provide an in-built caching engine, so you don’t need to install a separate caching plugin.

3. Your hosting starts to get too expensive

Some web hosting providers will charge extra for additional drive space and bandwidth. But that’s not all. Some will lock tools, features and additions you’ll need for success behind additional charges. When you start paying for all these add-ons, the hosting experience can start getting quite expensive. In some cases, it’s cheaper and easier to simply upgrade the hosting plan to something that gives you all available features.

4. Your host suspended your website

There are only a few genuine reasons why a web host would take a site offline or suspend a user account, for example, if the site was infected with malware, if it was being used to carry out illegal activities or if the hosting bill hadn’t been paid.

Some hosts, however, will take a site down and even suspend an account if the host’s usage limits have been exceeded, such as reaching a maximum bandwidth allocation. Meeting a maximum bandwidth allocation is a sign that your website is doing well in terms of the visitors it receives. It’s a time when the company should be reaping the benefits of its success, not getting punished by finding its site offline.

If your hosting has bandwidth restrictions, it’s time to move to a solution where this isn’t an issue. At Hostinkos, our web hosting plans have unmetered bandwidth in other words, there is no data transfer limit, just a simple, fair use policy.

5. You have outgrown your web hosting package

Over time, you’ll want your online venture to grow. This could mean having a bigger website, multiple websites, dealing with far more visitors or even running other applications on your server besides your websites. When this happens, there may come a time when the hosting plan you currently have lacks the resources (storage, CPU, RAM and bandwidth) or the features (number of websites, email addresses, databases, etc.) that you need.

This is one of the most obvious signs that you need to upgrade. And while there are bigger web hosting packages you can upgrade to; at some point you’ll need to move on from shared hosting to a larger solution, like VPS.

6. Poor technical support

Who do you turn to when something goes wrong with your website or hosting? While there is a monumental amount of WordPress help available online, when the need is urgent you want a WordPress expert that can help you sort out issues quickly so that your site remains online and working as it should.

A key requirement of a good web host is providing technical support to its customers. If you find your host lacking in the technical support department, then it’s another sign that you need to move on before you find yourself in a tricky situation with no one to help.

At Hostinkos, we go above and beyond. Our technical support is free with all accounts and our Team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. What’s more, you can contact them via online chat, phone, email or ticket and about any problem you have with your site or hosting.

If you are considering upgrading your web hosting package, check out our web Hosting page. We’ll even migrate your website to us from another host – for free.

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